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UAE Pro League Awards witnesses high turnout

UAEPL offers multiple voting channels


Voting for the UAE Pro League Awards, which is scheduled to end on August 5, has been witnessing wide participation and tight competition between nominees over the past 72 hours, creating a thrilling atmosphere as the winners are set to be revealed at the UAE Pro League Awards ceremony on August 16.


The awards honor the winners’ outstanding efforts, which had a huge impact on the teams’ capabilities, and enhanced the league's overall standard, thanks to the strong technical performances.


Fans have actively participated in the voting process, as they cast their votes through the UAEPL various platforms, including the official website, mobile apps, and social media platforms.


Voting has been open for media, club representatives, and fans on the following awards: the Golden Ball for the best Emirati player, the Golden Ball for the best foreign player, the Leader award for the best coach, the Golden Glove for the best goalkeeper, the Golden Boy for the best young Emirati player, and the Golden Boy for the best young player (resident/born in UAE).


Fans have also been able to vote for the fans’ player of the year, the goal of the season, and the best online sports platform through the UAE Pro League official social media accounts on Twitter, Instagram, Facebook, and TikTok @AGLeague.


Tariq Ali Al Shabibi, UAE Pro League board member and technical committee vice-chairman, said that the UAEPL opened the voting for the fans as they were keen to involve all the elements of the league competition in the selection process. He said that it represents a message of appreciation to the fans and their fundamental role as they are considered main partners in the success of the professional competitions. He added, “we are confident that everyone will seek to choose the best in each category based on their performances throughout the season, which secured them a spot in the nominees’ list. The list was selected based on transparent and fair criteria and statistics, under the supervision of a committee known for its technical expertise.”

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