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UAE Pro League


Chairman Message

It is the support of the UAE’s wise leaders that underlies any achievements of the sports system in general and football in particular. The UAE’s wise leaders have paid great attention to sports and athletes, setting the UAE as a role model in regional, continental and global fora.


In this context, the UAE Pro League seeks to build a solid foundation of football professionalism and institutional work, create a fertile environment for sports competition, financial independence, the development of football activities, and raise the standards of sports marketing in the state.


Being dealt with according to scientific rules and approaches, football has become a gateway to real investment in all commercial and media fields worldwide. The UAE Pro League seeks to benefit from international experiences and learn best practices to develop its cadres and those of professional clubs through international consulting firms and companies that provide expert consultations.


Through its success with its sponsors and partners, the TV rights holders, the UAE Pro League seeks to reach a broader media coverage of its competitions, increase commercial revenues, and encourage the society to adopt healthy lifestyles as part of its comprehensive professionalism project.


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