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UAE Pro League receives Israeli delegation to activate Memorandum of Understanding


An official delegation representing the Israeli Professional Football Leagues arrived in the UAE on Sunday on a three-day visit. The delegation included Israeli Professional Football League chairman Erez Halfon, and a number of Israeli football officials. They were received at Dubai International Airport by UAE Pro League board member Saeed Obaid Al Kaabi.


The visit aims to discuss means of cooperation with the UAE Pro League in different fields, in order to serve the most popular sport in both countries. The Pro League created a program for the three-day visit, which will witness many discussions on cooperation mechanisms, partnerships and exchange of experiences between the two sides, in addition to holding an expanded meeting between the two parties.


UAE Pro League chairman Abdulla Naser Al Junaibi has recently signed a Memorandum of Understanding with the Israeli Professional Football Leagues via video conferencing. The Israeli delegation’s visit to the UAE is the first of its kind in the Middle East and comes within the framework of cooperation and increasing the chances of success and development of football in both countries. The historic agreement is a step towards establishing the foundations of cooperation and securing a joint mechanism to achieve practical steps in the development of all football-related matters.

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