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UAE Pro League
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UAE PL Development Forum to Kick-Off on Sunday with the participation of global experts

4 main aspects shape the future of professionalism

4 months of feasibility studies and continuous field work to identify the most prominent challenges.



Seeking the help of global companies that contributed to the development of the most important leagues and clubs in the European continent.



Discussing ways to increase competitiveness to enhance Pro League competitions in terms of marketing, technical, and popular aspects.



Paying great attention to various aspects of "Development"



Submitting proposals to the competent authorities



The UAE Pro League is organizing the "UAE PL Development Forum" on Sunday, January 30, 2022, from 12:00 to 14:30 at Rixos Premium JBR, Dubai with the participation of football experts, technical and experienced decision-makers tasked with developing sporting competitions and football, as well as, representatives of professional clubs, and Pro League stakeholders.





The hotly anticipated inaugural "UAE PL Development Forum" is the first of its kind and the most comprehensive in terms of initiatives, discussions, and visions, which came after four months of preparations, visits, and field studies on ground.




These preparations came with the participation of global companies and think tanks, which worked with the Pro League's teams to identify the most prominent challenges facing the Pro League's competitions, not only at the technical level but also at all levels related to professionalism, in terms of marketing, fans and commercial aspects, as well as others factors strengthening competition at various local Pro League tournaments.




These global companies and think tanks have contributed to the development of several European competitions, and have built up great experiences in the field of professional development, competitions, and everything related to them, including factors of attracting fans and developing marketing, commercial and technical matters.




The Forum includes discussion workshops with the participation of experts, representatives of professional clubs, and technical experts.



It will showcase everything related to our competitions, including a comprehensive view of the matches, foreign and Emirati players.




The Forum will discuss four main objectives, namely: developing the Pro League competitions, upgrading commercial and technical aspects of the Pro League and clubs, revamping the clubs' facilities, and encouraging fans to attend matches to make the Pro League's competitions more interesting with regard to all aspects related to games, namely the return of fans to pitches,  mechanisms, numbers, and quality of matches.




The Forum begins with the opening speech of the MC, followed by an intro video summarising the efforts that preceded the forum, then the speech of His Excellency Abdulla Naser Al Jneibi, UAE Pro League Chairman, Vice-President of the UAE Football Association, and then the presentation of TFG International, which will discuss the matter of the foreign and Emirati players, as well as, technical benefits.




Before discussing again the second aspect of the Pro League's competitions to assess all its related marketing and technical matters, as well as the feasibility of the current situation, and all ideas related to future developments. At the end of the first day's activities, there will be time for questions and discussion among attendees.




On the other hand, the Forum will present the proposals and visions that can draw the features of an integrated project, which will be submitted to the competent authorities to enhance the Pro League's orientation towards a comprehensive development in which everyone participates to achieve its desired goals.