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UAE Pro League successfully activates partnership agreement with Israeli Professional Football Leagues after three-day visit

  • Al Junaibi: we are pleased about the partnership activation and we seek to strengthen relationship


  • Erez: Emirati professionalism experience is outstanding


The Israeli Professional Football Leagues’ delegation, which was headed by Israeli Professional Football Leagues chairman Erez Halfon and joined by CEO Nicolas Lev and Business Development and Company Secretary Motty Bronshtein, concluded on Tuesday evening its three-day visit to the UAE. The UAE Pro League organized a series of meetings and workshops during the visit, which were held within the framework of activating the partnership with the Israeli side and discussed marketing and technical matters between the two parties. The guests provided an overview about the Israeli top tier league, which comprises 14 teams, besides the second division which has a total of 16 teams. They also discussed other aspects related to the Israeli Professional Football Leagues, including marketing and sponsorship.


The workshops were attended by the Israeli delegation as well as UAE Pro League chairman Abdulla Naser Al Junaibi, board members Saeed Obaid Al Kaabi and Jawaher Abdulaziz Al Suwaidi, in addition to Business Development Director Dr. Khalid Mohammed Abdullah.


The Israeli delegation lauded the development of the Emirati professional system, praising the “great” achievements in marketing, sponsorships and partnerships, as well as the UAE Pro League’s successes in relation to the Asian Club Licensing System, which matches the European standards and puts the UAE Pro League at the forefront of the professional leagues in the continent in terms of club licensing standards. They also praised the continuous development of technical aspects in Emirati football in general.


This visit marks the formal activation of the partnership agreement between the two parties, which focused on exchange of experiences and presenting achievements and successes. The meetings and workshops held over the past two days also led to fruitful discussions in various fields related to football and the professional league.


For his part, Al Junaibi expressed his happiness over the Israeli delegation’s visit, which marks the beginning of a new phase of cooperation in the sports field, and football in specific, and finding ways to develop the sport in a way that serves the interests of both countries. He stressed that the Memorandum of Understanding opened the door to more opportunities, not only on the events and activities level, but also in the fields of sports relations and building bridges of mutual relations, especially with regard to partnerships and clubs, and opening new horizons for the sporting future.


Al Junaibi welcomed the Israeli delegation and said, “we are pleased about activating the partnership with the Israeli side, and our goal is to strengthen relations and exchange experiences in the field of professional football. Great efforts were exerted in the workshops in order to achieve these goals, especially since this visit has many benefits and aspects of cooperation on the short- and long-term that were discussed during the meetings, which were held between the two parties.


Al Junaibi pointed out that the UAE is the land of tolerance and humanity and that it welcomes people from all nationalities and countries on its land. He added that the visit of the Israeli football delegation for the first time and holding bilateral workshops have achieved many joint benefits, which will mark the beginning of a real breakthrough in the future. He added, “the UAE represents a global model in various fields. Therefore, we seek to promote this concept in football and the professional league as well, as we have strong relationships with most countries, and activating partnerships and exchanging experiences are among the most important ways to improve the professional system.


For his part, Israeli Professional Football Leagues chairman Erez Halfon praised the remarkable successes of the UAE Pro League and all its committees, especially after getting to see the various technical, administrative, organizational and marketing projects. He said, “we are happy with our visit to the UAE and we thank the UAE Pro League for the warm welcome and great interest in cooperating with us in all fields. The speed and pace of activating the agreement serve the interests of both parties in light of the development experienced by the Emirati football through the UAE Pro League.


He explained that the visit had a positive and quick impact on building a bridge between Israeli and Emirati football. He said, “we have great ambitions that we seek to achieve through this joint cooperation. We have seen many successes within the Emirati experience and the intensive workshops are just the start of a real future cooperation.

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