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Al Jneibi congratulates Al Wahda on Champions League quarter-final qualification

UAE Pro League chairman, Abdulla Naser Al Jneibi congratulated Al Wahda on their qualification for the AFC Champions League quarter final, stressing that both Al Wahda and Sharjah have presented an honorable image of football in UAE.


Al Wahda beat Sharjah 5-4 on penalties in their one-legged fixture of the AFC Champions League round of 16, to secure their berth in the tournament's quarter-finals, after extra-time ended in a 1-1 draw.


Al Jneibi pointed out that Al Wahda's victory came after both teams delivered an impressive display, as he praised the technical performance, sportsmanship and the well organization of the game that was hosted by Sharjah stadium.


He added that the presence of these elements of success is totally compatible with ADNOC Pro League's strategic plan and aspirations to be the most prominent competition on the continent in the long run.

The Pro League's chairman noted that Al Wahda's qualification came as a result of the immense efforts exerted by their management since the team started its continental campaign back in April, expressing his confidence that they can achieve more victories and go as far as possible in the competition.


He also stated that nobody can underestimate the efforts put in by Sharjah, or disregard their strong performance throughout the tournament, stressing that they are able to move on and achieve successes at the domestic level in UAE Pro League's competitions.


In his speech, Al Jneibi placed emphasis on the fact that all teams representing UAE at the continental level will receive all the needed support by the Pro League;"UAE Pro League will do everything in its power to support all UAE football ambassadors in continental tournaments, and will definitely be by Al Wahda's side in the upcoming days as we are all hoping for another Emirati coronation" he said.

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