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Mathcweek 8 of Arabian Gulf League to be held amid patriotic atmosphere

Matchweek 8 of the Arabian Gulf League, which will be held on November 30th and December 1st, coincide with the country’s celebrations of two dear events, which are the Commemoration Day and the UAE's 49th National Day.


As usual, the UAE Pro League has always been keen on participating in national events and dedicated a special celebration for the Commemoration Day during Day 1 of matchweek 8. It starts with the entrance of players and referees while wearing UAE Flag scarves, with special designs for the occasion being displayed on the electronic screens in the stadium and the giant screens. The national anthem will also be played as the players line up. The celebrations continue in the match of the week between Sharjah and Shabab Al Ahli, with the display of visual effects related to the occasion.


As for Day 2, it will be dedicated to celebrating the UAE’s 49th National Day, where Bani Yas and Al Ain match viewers will get to watch fireworks right after the country’s national anthem, which will be played while the players line up, in addition to visual effects being displayed on the screen in celebration of the dear event. In addition, the players and referees will enter the pitch while wearing UAE Flag scarves with the National Day designs being displayed on the electronic screens in the stadium and the giant screen in all matches.

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