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UAE Pro League Publishes a Special Magazine on Pro League Cup Final

The UAE Pro League has produced and published a special magazine for the Pro League Cup final, set to take place on Wednesday, May 4th, between Al Ain and Shabab Al Ahli at Mohammed bin Zayed Stadium, under the slogan of "The Eid Shines on With You."





The publication was designed and issued with comprehensive information about the event, and it will be distributed on matchday and online at the UAE Pro League's official website "" via the following link:



Tailored for the general public, the magazine focuses on numerical and statistical information and contains a complete summary.



The magazine starts with a speech by UAE Pro League Chairman His Excellency Abdulla Naser Al Jneibi, entitled "The Eid Shines on With You," followed by a review of Pro League Cup's past champions, with Shabab Al Ahli as the record champions with five titles in 2011-12, 2013-14, 2016-17, 2018-19, and 2020-21 seasons, while Al Ain claimed it once in 2008-09.



Within its pages, the magazine reviewed the adventure of both teams in the competition till reaching the final along with key players leading the two teams, and it also highlighted statistics related to the two teams and the competition itself.


It also includes many other sections related to the event, which would provide all the necessary details for the readers.



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