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UAE Pro League Announces Winners of 'Fans' League' Awards during Matchweek 18

The UAE Pro League announced the winners of the "Fans' League" initiative during matchweek eighteen of the ADNOC Pro League.

According to the UAE Pro League's new amendments to the 2022-23 Fans' League, the prizes will be awarded to the clubs, which had the highest average fan attendance after the end of every matchweek in a step aimed to boost fan attendance.

The awards have been divided into two categories; the highest home attendance and the highest away attendance.

Sharjah claimed the first spot in the highest home attendance prize valued at AED 60,000, while Al Ain gained AED 40,000 after they came second.

Meanwhile, the first spot of the Fans' League's highest away attendance award went to Al Jazira, who will earn AED 40,000.

The UAE Pro League had set up two essential conditions to decide the Fans' League winners: the minimum attendance must be no less than 2,500 fans for the hosts and 700 fans for the visitors.

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