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In Numbers … A Comprehensive Review of Sharjah's 2023-2024 Season

Sharjah concluded the 2023-2024 season with strong showings across multiple competitions. They secured fourth place in the ADNOC Pro League with 42 points and claimed third place in the U-21 Pro League with 52 points.

However, their journey in the ADIB Cup ended in the quarterfinals. Here’s a detailed recap of Sharjah’s performance in the professional leagues last season.

Sharjah played 26 matches in the ADNOC Pro League, achieving victory in 10 games, which translates to a win rate of 38.5%. They suffered 4 defeats and drew 12 matches, managing to keep a clean sheet in 4 encounters.

The team scored a total of 53 goals, with 42 coming from inside the penalty area and 11 from outside. However, they conceded 40 goals, finishing the season in fourth place with 42 points. The distribution of Sharjah's goals was as follows: 33 goals with the right foot, 7 with the left foot, and 11 headed goals.

In terms of discipline, Sharjah’s players received 54 yellow cards and 3 red cards throughout the season. A total of 384 fouls were committed against them.

In the U-21 Pro League, Sharjah secured the third spot with 53 points after playing 26 matches. They emerged victorious in 15 games, lost 5, and drew 6 matches. The team scored 58 goals and conceded 34, showcasing a strong offensive and defensive performance.

Sharjah’s campaign in the ADIB Cup ended in the quarterfinals. They were eliminated by Kalba, losing 5-3 on aggregate across both legs.

• ADNOC Pro League: 4th place
• U-21 Pro League: 3rd place
• ADIB Cup Cup: Quarterfinals

Detailed Stats:

• Matches Played: 26
• Wins: 10
• Draws: 12
• Losses: 4
• Goals Scored: 53 (42 inside the area, 11 outside)
• Goals Conceded: 40
• Goals by Right Foot: 33
• Goals by Left Foot: 7
• Headed Goals: 11
• Yellow Cards: 54
• Red Cards: 3

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