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Anatole Bertrand's Brace Leads Al Bataeh to 2-1 Win over Ittihad Kalba

Al Bataeh orchestrated a remarkable comeback to secure a 2-1 victory against Ittihad Kalba in matchweek 15 of the ADNOC Pro League. Cameroon's Anatole Bertrand, turned the game around with two decisive goals in the 46th and 63rd minutes, overturning an initial 1-0 deficit from Mehdi Ghayedi's 38th-minute opener for Ittihad Kalba.

The match, hosted at Ittihad Kalba's stadium, witnessed a compelling battle that ended in Al Bataeh's favor, elevating their league standing to 19 points and securing seventh place, while Ittihad Kalba lingered at 11th with 13 points.

The game initially swung in Ittihad Kalba's favor when Mehdi Ghayedi scored in the 38th minute, setting the stage for what seemed like a potential win for the home team.


However, Al Bataeh, demonstrating resilience and strategic prowess, bounced back with Bertrand's equalizer in the first-half stoppage time, followed by a decisive second goal in the 63rd minute. This not only marked Bertrand's tenth goal of the season but also underscored Al Bataeh's determination and skillful play.


The match was not short of attempts and near-misses, with both teams showcasing their offensive capabilities. Al Bataeh's early chance through Alvaro De Oliveira was thwarted by Ittihad Kalba's defense, and a similar fate met Ghayedi's attempt, saved by Al Bataeh's goalkeeper Darwish Mohammad.


The second half further highlighted Bertrand's prowess as he navigated through Ittihad Kalba's defense to secure his and Al Bataeh's second goal. Despite a late free-kick attempt by Ghayedi to salvage a draw for Ittihad Kalba, Al Bataeh managed to hold on to their lead, showcasing their strategic depth and the critical role Bertrand played in their victory.

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