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Al Marri: Commemoration Day is source of pride

UAE Pro League Vice Chairman Jamal Hamed Al Marri said, “the 30th of November anniversary serves as an important day in the history of the UAE, as we commemorate the nation’s martyrs. It's a memory that shows our pride of those who sacrificed their pure souls and gave up their most precious possessions, in order to achieve security and safety. It’s a day where we are grateful for the heroic acts of the martyrs who sacrificed their lives for the nation, granting our country peace and stability, and achieving what our wise leadership seeks in terms of development and growth at all levels.


He added, “the whole UAE society takes part in commemorating this precious memory that narrates the most wonderful stories of courage and redemption, as the martyrs defended the truth and achieved victory for the oppressed to keep the nation’s flag flying high. This is a quality of the UAE’s people who have the courage and loyalty to be in the front lines protecting our precious land."

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