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Celebrating the UAE Super Cup: UAE Pro League Unveils Special Magazine

The UAE Pro League has launched a special edition magazine dedicated to the UAE Super Cup, which will feature a showdown between Shabab Al Ahli and Sharjah at 19:45 on December 29 at Al Maktoum Stadium in Dubai.




This publication is crafted to enhance the excitement and provide in-depth insights into one of the season's most anticipated football events.




The magazine is enriched with diverse reports and features, offering historical statistics and information about the tournament.




It captures the essence of the Super Cup, chronicling the journey of both Shabab Al Ahli and Sharjah to this pivotal match.




The 44-page magazine starts with a speech by UAE Pro League Chairman Abdulla Naser Al Jneibi, titled "This Is Our Super," inviting fans to join in the vibrant atmosphere of the Super Cup and enjoy the top-tier football on display.





Moreover, the publication presents a thorough analysis of both competing teams, highlighting their performance statistics and tracing their routes to the UAE Super Cup.




It also delves into the rich history of the tournament, recounting the stories of past champions and significant moments that have defined the Super Cup over the years.




The promotional and marketing campaign for the Super Cup match is another highlight of the magazine.




This section details the trophy tour across the UAE Pro League's partners, showcasing engaging initiatives that combine sports and entertainment.




These initiatives are designed to bring fans closer to the action and the excitement surrounding the Super Cup.




The magazine also spotlights the invaluable contributions of the UAE Pro League's sponsors in supporting the season's opening tournament, outlining the various events, activities, and prizes set to feature in the buildup to the match and the crowning of the champion.



To view the magazine, click on :



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