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UAE Pro League
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League Page Turned and Focus is now on Pro League Final, Says Al Ain’s Rebrov

Al Ain manage Sergiy Rebrov stressed the special importance of winning the Pro League Cup final for his team and Al Ain fans.




Speaking in the pre-match press conference on Tuesday, Rebrov said “It is not easy to play every three days, but our goal is clear, and we will adopt a rotation policy among the players in the next stage,”.



Commenting on his team’s victory in the last clash against Shabab Al Ahli in the ADNOC Pro League, he said, "The league match is over now, and my focus is only on the final."



"We always need the support of Al Ain fans, as they are the main stimulator of the team during all matches.



All matches are important to us, and I spoke with my team players on the need to forget their latest league victory over Shabab Al Ahli and pay the highest attention to winning the League cup final tomorrow."



The Ukrainian coach reiterated that he has complete confidence in his side players to claim the Pro League Cup title, noting that he had made some changes in the team's starting line-up.



"I think we are favourites to win the ADNOC Pro League and the Pro League Cup titles, but the most important thing for us right now is to focus and commit to our style on the pitch, especially since we worked on analysing the performance in the last encounter," the coach said.



"We are well aware that the opponent team has good players, but as I said before my confidence is great in Al Ain players,” concluded Rebrov.


Rahimi: Our Goal is to Meet Al Ain Fans’ Aspirations



Al Ain winger Soufiane Rahimi reiterated his side’s desire to meet the aspirations of their fans by winning the Pro League Cup title.



Speaking ahead of Wednesday’s final, Rahimi said: “We are aware of what is required from us to achieve our objective, with all due respect for Shabab Al Ahli’s aspiration.”



“Both teams have equal chances going into the match, but we prepared very well under the guidance of coach Sergiy Rebrov.



Al Ain are a big team, and our objective is clear in all matches,” concluded the Moroccan while calling on Al Ain fans to attend the final in numbers.



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