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UAE Pro League Announces League Cup Final Tickets Now Available Online

The UAE Pro League announced that the Mohammed bin Zayed Stadium will host the Pro League Cup final between Al Ain and Shabab Al Ahli, set to take place on May 4th.



The Pro League also decided that the match will kick off at 19:30.




The UAE Pro League announced that tickets for the League Cup final between Al Ain and Shabab Al Ahli set to be held on May 4th are now available for online purchase through the link




The Pro League is always keen on providing affordable pricing for standard seats starting from 20 AED for second-class seats, and first-class tickets for 75 AED.



It also added that women and children under 16 will be allowed to enter free of charge, with free tickets available at the ticket office in the stadium.




The Pro League noted that sections No. S01 and S02 in the first class, in addition to N02, N03, and N04 in the second class would be allocated for Al Ain Fans, while sections No.




S10 and S11 in the first class and N06, N07, and N08 in the second class will be allocated for Shabab Al Ahli fans.




The Pro League is now preparing for this highly-anticipated event alongside its many entertaining activities pre, during, and post-match in a celebratory atmosphere that the fans have been accustomed to over the past years.




Al Ain are in search of their second Pro League Cup title after winning it in the 2008-09 season, while Shabab Al Ahli lifted the Pro League Cup trophy on five occasions before in 2011-12, 2013-14, 2016-17, 2018-19, and 2020-21 seasons.




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