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UAE Pro League
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UAE Pro League, Abu Dhabi Police Officials Discuss Security Plan for League Cup Final

The UAE Pro League held a coordination meeting on Monday with representatives of the Abu Dhabi Police at Mohammed bin Zayed Stadium, as part of the preparations for the Pro League Cup final.




The match is scheduled to be held on May 4th between reigning champions Shabab Al Ahli and the ADNOC Pro League leaders Al Ain.




The attendees reviewed the arrangements and security plan for the Pro League Cup final.




During the meeting, they emphasized the importance of encouraging a display of sportsmanship and implementing all steps that would ensure the success of this event by maintaining the security and safety of all fans.




The attendees also valued the state of the prevailing security being witnessed by the United Arab Emirates, the land of goodness, love, and tolerance.




The meeting also set the tasks and responsibilities of each side to ensure the best preparations are met ahead, during, and post-match.




The game will be held at Mohammed bin Zayed Stadium in Abu Dhabi.




Abu Dhabi Police have recently won many certificates of appreciation by FIFA for hosting the FIFA Club World Cup and many other major sports events.




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