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UAE Pro League
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Five-Star Sharjah Secure Dominant Win Over Bani Yas

In a thrilling ADNOC Pro League encounter, Sharjah put on a masterclass, defeating Bani Yas 5-0 at the Sharjah Stadium. This pivotal victory has catapulted Sharjah to the fourth spot in the league standings, amassing 12 points, whereas Bani Yas find themselves in the 11th position with 7 points.



The game began with Sharjah taking the reins early on. Sebastian Tagliabue broke the deadlock in the 14th minute.



Impressively, Tagliabue has netted 13 times against Bani Yas while representing three different teams in the Pro League, and he's been responsible for 3 of Sharjah's last 4 league goals.



Caio Lucas added to the tally with the second goal in the 42nd minute. Lucas has had a significant impact in recent matches against Bani Yas, contributing to 9 of the last 17 goals Sharjah has scored against them – 7 goals and 2 assists to be precise.



M. Marega further stamped Sharjah's dominance with a goal, making it three-nil before halftime



The scoring spree continued in the second half. M. Ben Alarbi added the fourth in the 58th minute, with a significant portion of his Pro League goals, five in total, coming against Bani Yas. The scoring curtain came down with Ousmane Camara finding the net in the 88th minute, sealing a dominant 5-0 win for Sharjah FC.

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