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Federico Cartabia vs. Caio Lucas: Artistic Duel in the UAE Super Cup

The UAE Super Cup 2023-2024 is set to witness an intriguing duel at Al Maktoum Stadium this December, featuring Federico Cartabia of Shabab Al Ahli and Caio Lucas from Sharjah. Both players, who were standout performers in the previous season, are gearing up for a captivating encounter in the Super Cup.

Cartabia played a key role in Shabab Al Ahli's journey to winning the ADNOC Pro League title, while Caio Lucas was instrumental in leading his team to lift the ADIB Cup.

Their impressive performances have set the stage for an intriguing face-off in the UAE Super Cup.

Key stats from the last ADNOC Pro League's season highlight their impact:

Federico Cartabia (Shabab Al Ahli)

Featured in 20 matches, starting 19 and coming off the bench in one, amassing 1,656 minutes.

Contributed to 16 goals with 11 goals and 5 assists.

Delivered 671 accurate passes, including 51 key passes, and 519 in the opponent's half.

Attempted 45 shots, 27 on target, and completed 72 dribbles at a 58.5% success rate.

Caio Lucas (Sharjah)

Played in 22 matches, with 18 starts and 4 substitutions, totaling 1,701 minutes.

Involved in 12 goals with 9 goals and 3 assists.

Made 629 accurate passes, including 35 key passes, and 496 in the opponent's half.

Made 39 shot attempts, 19 on target, and completed 73 dribbles at a 45.2% success rate

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