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UAE Pro League
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Al-Jneibi: Al Wahda and Sharjah are the ambassadors of UAE and ADNOC Pro League in AFC Champions League:

UAE Pro League chairman Abdulla Naser Al-Jneibi, wished all the best for Emirati teams Al Wahda and Sharjah before their anticipated clash in the second round of AFC Champions League on Tuesday, stressing that both sides are able to properly represent UAE football and deliver a display that explains why ADNOC Pro League is one of the most important competitions on the continent.

Al-Jneibi pointed out that Pro League didn't wish for such clash to take place in the knock-out stages, as they were hoping that either of the teams would make to the furthest point possible in the current edition of the AFC Champions League.


He added that both sides delivered impressively and achieved great results throughout the group stage which secured them well-deserved spots in the knock-out stages.


Al-Jneibi also asserted that Pro League was keen on the provision of all the needed support for Emirati teams participating in the current edition of the continental competition, as they strongly believe they are UAE football and ADNOC Pro League ambassadors at the continental level.


"We are all confident that our teams can make frequent appearances in the knock-out stages of the competition as has been the case in the previous editions of the tournament" he said.


He concluded by pointing out the importance of holding such a game in UAE, that has been one of the leading countries in combating Covid-19 pandemic.


Moreover, he stressed the significance of fans' secure return to the standings amid the strict implementation of health precautionary measures, as this ensures the safety of everyone.


Al-Jneibi wrapped up his speech by saying that UAE has proven it was capable of overcoming the pandemic and its ramifications through hosting many previous games in various tournaments including matches in the AFC Champions League.

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