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Laba Kodjo Leads the Top Scorer Chart in ADNOC Pro League

The race for the 2021-22 Golden boot is heating up, as trio Laba Kodjo, Omar Khrbin, and Joao Pedro battle it out to earn the honour of being the ADNOC Pro League's top scorer for the current edition.




The Togolese striker leads the top scorer chart with 18 goals, and the Syrian international forward comes second with 12 goals, while the Brazilian striker comes third with 11 goals.




The trio have done brilliantly with their squads and had the upper hand in some encounters.




Despite Kodjo's superiority in scoring, Khrbin took the lead in converting shots into goals, at 27%, followed by Laba, at 21%, and Pedro, at 17%.




Here are the trio's most prominent figures during the last 19 matchweeks:



Kodjo has made 17 appearances with Al Ain, playing 1522 minutes and scoring 18 goals.



All of his goals have been scored from inside the penalty area, including five penalties and three headed goals.




Khrbin made his name with Al Wahda as a prominent forward.




The 28-year-old Syrian striker featured in 18 matches for Al Wahda, playing 1571 minutes, during which he scored 12 goals.




He scored nine goals from inside the penalty area, including two penalties and three headed goals, while he netted three goals from outside of the box.




Joao Pedro, who joined Al Wahda in the 2021 summer transfer window sits third in the top scorer chart.




The Brazilian forward made 19 appearances for Al Wahda, playing 1683 minutes and finding the back of the net on 11 occasions.




He scored nine goals from inside the penalty area, including four headed goals, and netted two goals from outside the box.



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