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UAE Pro League
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Ajman Secures Crucial Win against Khorfakkan in ADNOC Pro League

In a captivating encounter in the ADNOC Pro League, Ajman seized a significant triumph, marking their first win of the current season by outplaying Khorfakkan with a 2-1 scoreline on Sunday at the Saqr bin Mohammad al Qassimi Stadium.




The win has propelled Ajman up the league table, bringing them to the 12th spot with an improved tally of six points.



Khorfakkan, in contrast, remains just above them at 11th place, their points stagnating at seven.



The game unfolded with a tactical display of discipline and caution, with both teams initially maintaining a tight midfield battle.



However, as the match progressed, the play evolved into a more open and attacking style, showcasing the teams' adaptability and strategic acumen.



Ajman's breakthrough came in the 27th minute. Rocky Marciano emerged as the hero, expertly converting a pass from Ali Madan into the match's opening goal.




Undeterred by the initial setback and driven by their home crowd's support, Khorfakkan rallied to equalize.



Their perseverance paid off when they were awarded a penalty following a VAR decision for a foul committed by Ajman's Hikal Chikhaoui.



Tiago De Leonco confidently stepped up to the spot and sent the goalkeeper the wrong way to restore the parity.



Despite this equalizer, Khorfakkan struggled to contain Ajman's persistent attacks.



In the 61st minute, Chikhaoui redeemed his earlier error, netting a decisive goal for Ajman.



This goal marked his first in the league, a culmination of his efforts over seven matches and 10 shots.



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