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Al Ain ... A Brilliant Adventure Ends with an ADNOC Pro League Title

Al Ain have achieved excellent numbers during their brilliant adventure towards claiming the 2021-22 ADNOC Pro League title for the 14th time in their history.




Al Ain's march towards lifting the trophy was not easy at all as they found fierce competition from Al Wahda, who kept pressuring Al Ain all through the season before the latter ended the title race three matches before the end of the season.




Al Ain head coach Sergiy Rebrov, as well as several players in the team managed to claim individual awards during the season several times, which proves their quality and technical skills.




Al Ain's campaign ends with the best attack, scoring 53 goals, and the best defence, conceding just 17 goals, as they are the only team that has lost just one match in the competition.




The Ukrainian coach preferred to play with a 4-2-3-1 formation for much of his time as it is a balanced formation that puts enough emphasis on the attack while still fully taking care of the defence of the entire pitch.



Rebrov played some encounters with the 4-2-2 formation.



Al Ain stats in the ADNOC Pro League:



Al Ain achieved great records during their adventure in the ADNOC Pro League as they topped the chart of most shots with 334 and most efforts on target with 160.




They are the only team, who managed to score 56 goals from inside the penalty area, as well as, having 13 clean sheets.




They are also the only team who found the back of the net in 25 matches.




Al Ain trio Laba Kodjo, Soufiane Rahimi, and Cristian Guanca always posed a real threat to the competitors' goalkeepers.




Laba Kodjo topped the chart of the ADNOC Pro League's top scorer with 26 goals, while Rahimi shared the first spot with Diaa Saba in terms of most assists with nine.




Meanwhile, Guanca produced 90 key passes to top the most key passes chart.



Al Ain's stats in the 2021-22 ADNOC Pro League season are as follows:


Matches: 26

Points: 65

Wins: 20

Draws: 5

Defeats: 1

Goals: 57

Goals Conceded: 17

Clean sheets: 13

Shots on target: 160

Goals from inside the penalty area: 56



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