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UAE Pro League
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Ajman's Stats in 2023-24 Professional Competitions

Ajman finished the 2023-24 professional competition season in the 9th spot in the ADNOC Pro League and 8th place in the U21 Pro League, while they were knocked out from the first round of the ADIB Cup.

Regarding the ADNOC Pro League, the team played 26 games, winning 8, drawing in 10, and losing 8 matches, having scored 39 goals, including 37 from inside the box, 15 right-footed goals, 11 left-footed goals, and 12 headed goals.

Ajman have conceded 49 goals at a rate of 1.88 goals per match, and their players have received 61 yellow cards and 2 red cards.

As per the ADIB Cup's competition, they have been knocked out from the last 16 after being defeated 4-2 on aggregate.

Meanwhile, they finished 8th with 35 points in the U21 Pro League.

Ajman's stats in the Professional Competitions

ADNOC Pro League: 9th spot
U21 Pro League: 8th spot
ADIB Cup: 1st round

Ajman's Adventure in the ADNOC Pro League

Matches: 26
Wins: 8
Draws: 10
Defeats: 8
Goals: 39
From inside the box: 37
Right-footed goals: 15
Left-footed goals: 11
Headed goals: 12
Conceded goals: 49
Yellow Cards: 61
Red Cards: 2

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