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UAE Pro League
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Al Wasl Cement ADNOC Pro League's Lead with 2-0 Win Over Emirates FC

Al Wasl cemented their top spot in the ADNOC Pro League by defeating Emirates FC 2-0 in a keenly contested match in matchweek 14 on Saturday. This victory, marking their eleventh win of the season, propelled Al Wasl to 36 points, widening the gap at the top of the league standings.


The match saw Al Wasl quickly take control, dominating midfield play and creating numerous scoring opportunities. Despite facing a resilient defense from Emirates FC, Al Wasl's persistence paid off 38 minutes into the game when Fabio De Lima expertly converted a pass from Haris Seferovic, putting the visitors ahead.


This goal underscored Al Wasl's efficiency in opening the scoreline, leading the league with 12 first goals.


Maintaining their momentum into the second half, Al Wasl doubled their lead through Jung Seung-Hyun, who scored in the 55th minute off an assist from Soufiane Bouftini. This goal highlighted Al Wasl's unique strength, showcasing their defenders' ability to contribute offensively, with the team's defenders now having scored a league-high five goals.


Despite numerous chances created by Al Wasl's forwards in the latter stages of the match, the scoreline remained unchanged, thanks to Emirates FC's lack of a significant counter-response.

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