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Fantasy Football: Tips & Tricks

The ADNOC Pro League 2021/22 season is just around the corner, which means Fantasy Football will be back as well! Here are 10 tips and tricks to help you improve your performance in this year’s edition of the ADNOC Pro League Fantasy

1- Picking your team:

When picking players, you should always go for players who are starters with their teams. When choosing defenders, choose players who have an offensive potential; meaning that they sometimes score or assist. As for midfielders, the better choice is to go for attacking midfielders, who regularly contribute goals & assists, rather than defensive midfielders. Stay away from aggressive players who could cost you points through yellow or red cards.

2- Budget:

Try not to spend your entire budget right away in order to have more options and be able to make changes in the first few gameweeks. This is due to the uncertainty of who’ll be playing and who will not in the first few league matches.

Spread out your budget smartly in order to have good players in every position in terms of defense, midfield, and forwards.

3- Loyalties:

Set your loyalties aside when it comes to picking players in fantasy football. While a player may be playing for a rival team, if he will get you points then ignore your club loyalties and get him in your squad. 

4- Same Team:

Picking players from the same team, who are playing in the same position, is a big risk. While it could sometimes pay off, having for example two defenders from the same team leaves you vulnerable to losing out on clean sheets.

5- Match Schedule:

Fantasy football is a marathon, not a sprint. You will most likely have bad gameweeks, but don’t panic and just think about the next gameweek. Try to think long-term and pick your team according to the next couple of gameweeks. This is why it is crucial to keep an eye out on the match schedule when picking and transferring players. They could have several difficult matches coming up in a row; therefore it would be better to pick them after this difficult period is over.

6- Conflict of Interest:

Avoid picking defenders/attackers who will be playing against each other. If one does well, it most likely means the other will not. Therefore, to maximize your points, avoid conflict of interest.

7- Wild Card:

Do not panic after the 1st or 2nd matchweek and use your wild card immediately. Hold on to it for a bit longer until most of the teams have determined their starting line-ups, and new signings have been integrated into the team.

8- Always Follow-up:

It is important to watch the matches to find new good players who could end up as better, cheaper options for your team. You also need to follow up on websites and social media platforms of the clubs in order to be up to date on medical news/injuries of the players.

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