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UAE Pro League


Become an Ambassador Today!


Program Overview

Welcome to the UAE Pro League Club’s Community Ambassadors Program, where passion meets purpose. This program is a platform that celebrates football enthusiasts who wish to inspire, encourage, and establish connections between people of different backgrounds. Our Community Ambassadors are enthusiastic and keen to share their love for football with others.


Program Outline

The program consists of one competition phase aimed at engaging ambassadors in promoting football in their community, capturing moments from the stadium, and being the cheerleader that motivates the team.


Ambassadors are tasked with promoting football in their community by inviting as many people as possible to attend the upcoming match. The ambassador with the highest ticket sales wins the round and earns a score towards their overall performance.


What You Get

The ambassadors will compete for the overall competition title "Ambassador of the League". But, it's not just about the title - we also have exciting rewards for all our participating ambassadors. From meet and greet opportunities, and behind-the-scenes tours, to jerseys from your favorite club, we have something for everyone.


And that's not all - the rewards for our winning ambassadors are even bigger and better. With a big cash prize for the first three places, title recognition, and media and digital exposure, the winning ambassadors will have plenty of reasons to celebrate.


So, what are you waiting for?

Join us as we celebrate the love for football and become part of the UAE Pro League Club’s Community Ambassadors program. Sign up now and Kickstart Your Ambassador Journey!


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