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Refereeing workshops held to highlight football rules changes


All fourteen professional clubs have completed refereeing workshops organized by the UAE Pro League in cooperation with the UAE Football Association to explain to all players the most recent changes in the Laws of the Game. The sessions are a mandatory requirement under the club licensing system.


The workshops, entitled "Refereeing Workshop and the Laws of the Game", were conducted on the clubs' premises where they were delivered by Lee Probert, Director of the Referees Department at the UAE Football Association. The workshops mainly targeted first teams players as they tackled the most significant amendments that players must be aware of, including changes to VAR-related rules. All sessions saw immense interaction and numerous discussions that enriched the overall understanding of the topic.


Waleed Al Hosani, UAE Pro League Chief Executive Officer, confirmed that the league was keen on holding such workshops in collaboration with the UAE Football Association in order for clubs to meet licensing requirements and raise awareness of everyone in the professional football industry. He also highlighted that these sessions help to build a rapport between the players and referees which will further develop football in the UAE.


He went on to stress that UAE Pro League is always keen to cooperate with clubs and exert every effort possible to improve Emirati football through workshops and other education programmes held throughout the season covering different areas.

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