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UAE Pro League Holds International Workshop for Development of Football Academies

The UAE Pro League held on Tuesday a workshop on the development of football academies in professional clubs via video conferencing with the participation of experts in this field who showcased case studies of successful academy development models in an industry that forms the foundation of football’s future.




The workshop was chaired by UAE Pro League CEO Waleed Al Hosani and attended by FIFA expert Callum Irving as well as Stuart Jones, Head of Academy at Blackburn Rovers Football Club and Conor Marlin, Head of Academy at Oldham Athletic Football Club, in addition to more than 150 officials of professional clubs' academies from the administrative and technical sectors.



In his opening speech, Al Hosani explained that the Pro League pays great attention to grassroots football development, adding that academies are the future of football, whether at the level of clubs or national teams.



The UAE Pro League CEO explained that the academies' success depends on the existence of clear plans to develop talented players, as well as all staff in this sector, including technical and administrative staff.



During the workshop, the experience of Blackburn Rovers in developing football academies was showcased, shedding light on its positives to benefit from.



The workshop also reviewed the best opportunities to develop academies technically and administratively as per the best international practices and the mechanisms of performance evaluation to achieve top standards.



This workshop is part of a series of workshops and training courses routinely organised by the UAE Pro League as part of its football development project.

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