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The UAE Pro League and Uniq Decors have signed an agreement under which Uniq Decors will become the Official Partner of ADNOC Pro League, ADIB Cup and UAE Super Cup for three years.

Uniq Decors is a luxury furniture company that provides luxurious and distinctive services, and is in line with the accelerated development of infrastructure in the United Arab Emirates, in terms of luxury buildings, where Uniq Decors offers a furniture store that meets the highest standards of craftsmanship and luxury.

This partnership comes with Uniq Decors within the strategic plan of the League 2020-2030, which aims to attract new partnerships and raise incomes, which will benefit clubs and football in general.

Waleed Al Hosani, CEO of the UAE Pro League, welcomed Uniq Decors to join the success partners in the association, saying: "We are very pleased to join Uniq Decors to the distinguished constellation of our sponsors, as we look forward to this step with great optimism, as Uniq Decors is one of the leading companies in the field of furniture, and we hope that this agreement will contribute to the development of professional competitions and achieve the necessary support for them”.

In turn, Zahrah Duperval, owner of Uniq Decors, said: "It is our pleasure to launch this partnership with the UAE Pro League, which reaches the homes and hearts of the fans of professional clubs that express their encouragement with dedication, sincerity and a wonderful sportsmanship, and we pledge to make a sustainable impact in this field, especially as we invest in a country known as the gold standard among the countries of the world in its ambitious plan and vision.

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