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UAE Pro League Organizes 8 Workshops on Integrity and Anti-Doping to Raise Awareness among Young Players

The UAE Pro League organized eight integrity and anti-doping workshop for age group teams of Pro League clubs from February 1 to 17.




The online workshops were delivered by experienced FIFA and AFC lecturer Benoit Pasquier to over 750 footballers as well as clubs’ technical and administrative staff.



These workshops, held for the first time for Pro League clubs’ age groups players, aim to enhance awareness of youngsters on the dangers of doping and its negative impact on players’ careers.



The virtual workshops also shed light on the concept of integrity and violations that players may encounter and how to properly report them to the relevant authorities to protect all players from any abuse in this aspect, and to raise awareness among players of the harms that may affect their future.




The UAE Pro League continues its awareness programs in various fields for the age groups in the clubs, stemming from its belief in the importance of educating young players and guiding them to overcome all challenges they may face in the future.



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