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UAE Pro League unveils new audio identity following last season’s brand identity reveal

In line with the practices of international leagues, the UAE Pro League collaborated with Warner Chappell Music to produce a new audio identity that fuses international and oriental music with motivational music. 

The music will be played at all UAE Pro League competitions, as the Pro League aims to unify the audio identity for all its tournaments and enhance it, in order to complement the new brand identity launched by the Pro League last season.

Fans will be able to listen and enjoy the music before the start of each match as the two teams are lined up, and along all visual content related to the UAE Pro League on TV and social media channels. 

The Pro League was keen to choose a music that expresses the nature of the competitions and reflects the rivalry, as it fuses international and oriental music with motivational sports music in a way that highlights the competitive atmosphere.

Warner Chapell Music is an American music publishing company based in Los Angeles, California. It’s one of the leading companies in the music industry and one of the most important providers of music to the professional world of movies. With offices in more than 40 countries, Warner Chapell Music’s catalogue consists of over one million compositions and 65,000 composers. 

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