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UAE Pro League to Auction Replicas of ADNOC Pro League Awards

The UAE Pro League (UAEPL) decided to auction off replicas of the ADNOC Pro League awards, including the Golden Ball award for the best Emirati player, the Golden Ball for the best foreign player, and the Golden Glove.

The auction, which will be organized by the UAE Pro League in cooperation with the MatchWornShirt, an international online auction company of sports shirts, aims to promote the ADNOC Pro League at the global level.

In addition to the financial return that the clubs will get from participating in the auction will be dedicated to financing community and fan initiatives.

The auction will be open until 5:30 pm on Saturday, November 19, to give all fans the opportunity to purchase replicas of the ADNOC Pro League awards given to the best players in each sports season.

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