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1st Phase of Summer Camp Concluded

Al Ain concluded the activities of the first phase of the summer camp at Khalifa Bin Zayed Hall at Al Ain Sports and Cultural Club.



The summer Camp, which was held in partnership with the UAE Pro League, was organized for children aged from 4 to 13 years, amid wide participation and a remarkable turnout.



Al Ain Club had announced its organization of the summer camp for girls, which is scheduled to be held in two phases during the months of July and August.



The first phase was held from July 4th to 7th, while the second phase is set to take place on August 1st and will last for four days.

The UAE Pro League had launched the 'Summer Camps' initiative in cooperation with clubs to provide the opportunity for everyone to play football and enjoy the professional football environment of UAE Pro League clubs.



The initiative comes in line with the Pro League's strategy and the club licensing initiative to allow everyone to practice football and provide a broader base for selecting promising talents in the United Arab Emirates.



The camps' activities have started during the summer holidays starting from July, for the students of all schools aged from four to 13 years old.



The camps are open to all families residing in the country between Mondays and Thursdays.



The next phase of the camp will take place at Ajman Club from July 11th till July 14th.



These camps aim at providing children with sports activities ensuring that they enjoy playing, creating friendships within the clubs' surroundings in addition to holding an event that brings together children, families, and people of determination, working on increasing the clubs' fan base .



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