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UAE Pro League Organizes Workshop on Integrity and Anti-Doping

The UAE Pro League organized the annual Integrity and Anti-Doping workshop for players, head coaches, and officials of the professional clubs.

The workshop took place over three weeks from October 23rd till November 8th. During the three-week workshop, special sessions were held for each club within a framework of the requirements and standards of the UAE club licensing regulations.

The online workshop was delivered by experienced FIFA and AFC lecturer Benoit Pasquier, as he shed light on the anti-doping regulations and their negative impacts on players' professional careers.

Pasquier focused on explaining the dangers of manipulation of doping results, highlighting the sanctions; that violators of sports laws and regulations may face.

The sessions saw wide-ranging discussions on the latest developments in this regard, aiming at raising awareness among all professionals about the harms that may affect their future.

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