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UAE Pro League Announces Winners of 'Creative Hub - Universities Challenge' Initiative

The UAE Pro League held on Wednesday the closing ceremony of the 'Creative Hub - Universities Challenge 2022' Initiative, which was launched by the League with a view towards engaging university students in developing innovative ideas that contribute to boosting fans' attendance in the Pro League football competitions.





The ceremony began with technical presentations made by the participating university students, as part of the University Challenge 2022 project, which focused on enhancing football fans' attendance in the Pro League competitions.





Seven universities and colleges took part in the challenge, including Khalifa University, UAE University, Khawarizmi International College, Umm Al Quwain University, Canadian University in Dubai, Sorbonne University, and Ajman University.





Each presentation was evaluated separately, by a team of UAE Pro League's directors of departments from various disciplines, including administrative affairs, competitions, marketing and commercial affairs, legal affairs, club licensing and development.




The top three proposed projects were announced as follows:



• First place: Ajman University

• Second place: UAE University

• Third place: Khawarizmi International College



In this regard, UAE Pro League CEO Waleed Al Hosani said, "The UAE's wise leadership has encouraged us to embark on a journey of innovation, creativity, and finding sustainable solutions to various issues in all fields."




"The support we receive from our leadership is the real motivator for us to continue to achieve the targeted successes, and upgrade our sports system, towards wider horizons, with the efforts of the creative people," Al Hosani added.




He noted, "We are pleased with the students' participation in the Universities Challenge 2022, and their positive competition to find ideas to the various challenges we face."




"As we commend the valuable projects presented by all universities and colleges, we affirm that everyone is a winner. The gain is these innovative ideas, and the engagement of young people in solving related issues," the UAE Pro League's CEO confirmed.




Al Hosani went on to say that the students represent a large segment of football fans, and working to create the appropriate environment to enhance their attendance in stadiums is what we aspire to achieve through the UAE Pro League's various initiatives.




He added that the students’ proposed projects combine their experience as fans, and as university students in different majors, which is a positive thing that led to the creation of good and innovative ideas.




On the sidelines of the event, all participants in the Universities Challenge 2022 were honored in recognition of their efforts during the preparation period for the project.




Notably, the top three universities received a financial reward in addition to integrating the first-place winner's project in the UAE Pro League’s development plans for the upcoming 2022-23 season.



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