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UAE Pro League
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UAE Pro League Launches the official channels of the League and professional clubs via WhatsApp

The UAE Pro League and the 14 clubs participating in professional competitions this season have launched their official channels on the “WhatsApp” application, in order to enhance the process of delivering information and news to the masses, based on the importance of being present on this platform, which is considered one of the most widespread on the global level.



This initiative underscores the crucial role of global platforms like WhatsApp in enhancing fan engagement and ensuring timely dissemination of crucial updates and news.



Officially launching on September 13th, this initiative is the culmination of several strategic collaborations and meetings between the UAE Pro League and META.



These certified channels add depth to the UAE Pro League's robust digital footprint, spanning multiple platforms and languages, with an intent to engage the widest spectrum of football fans.



For fans, access to these channels is just a search away on WhatsApp.



By typing in the name of their beloved club, they can seamlessly connect with the UAE Pro League or the club's channels.


This repository promises an immersive experience, offering a curated mix of videos, images, voice notes, the latest updates, and more.



This pioneering initiative not only underscores the UAE Pro League's vanguard status among global professional league organizers but also epitomizes its unwavering dedication to collaborative innovation with clubs.



The UAE Pro League is also poised to capitalize on state-of-the-art technologies, recognizing the ever-evolving tech landscape and the shifting paradigms of fan engagement.



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Al Jazira o


UAE Pro League

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Al Wasl




Bani Yas

Ittihad Kalba

Al Bataeh



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