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UAE Pro League
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UAE Pro League Discusses Preparations for UAE Super Cup

The UAE Pro League held the coordination meeting for the UAE Super Cup match, scheduled to be held on Saturday, February 25th, between Al Ain and Sharjah.

Al Ain partake in the game after winning the 2021-22 ADNOC Pro League title, while Sharjah participate in the Super Cup after claiming the UAE President's Cup trophy.

The meeting, which took place on Wednesday, January 11th, was attended by representatives of the Dhabi Police and Al Nasr club.

During the meeting, they discussed the preparations and arrangements for one of the major tournaments on the agenda of the UAE Pro League to continue the successes which were achieved by this tournament over the last years.

The meeting emphasized the importance of concerted efforts to provide an integrated and smooth experience for the fans, who are the main focus of this event.

Meanwhile, the preparations related to security and safety in terms of gates, entry, and exit points were reviewed.

The attendees also probed the facilities and services, that would be provided to the fans according to the highest standards to make the event more than a 90-minute football match but rather a football community celebration.

Meantime, the UAE Pro League discussed several organizational aspects; concerning the two teams and various points that would reflect the civilization of the United Arab Emirates to the whole world through the extensive media coverage that the Super Cup game will receive inside and outside the country.

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