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UAE Pro League Holds Its Regular General Assembly Meeting

Al Jneibi: The wise leadership’s continued support represents the major motive for taking the UAE football to advanced paths.

The UAE Pro League held on Sunday its Regular General Assembly's first meeting for the 2023-24 season at Meydan Hotel in Dubai.

The meeting was headed by the UAE Pro League Chairman, Abdulla Naser Al Jneibi, and attended by the UAE Pro League's board members, representatives of professional clubs, and executive administration.

On his part, the UAE Pro League chairman Al Jneibi delivered a welcoming speech in which he asserted that the continuous support of the wise leadership represents the major motive for continuing achieving goals that serve Emirati football and take it to advanced paths.

His Excellency greeted Al Ain on winning the AFC Champions League title, Al Wasl on claiming the ADNOC Pro League and UAE President's Cup trophies, and Al Wahda on achieving the ADIB Cup title, in addition to congratulating Shabab Al Ahli on lifting the UAE Super Cup, UAE-Qatar Super Shield trophies and Kalba on winning the U21 Pro League title. He also praised Al Orooba and Dibba on their promotion to the ADNOC Pro League and thanked all the professional clubs for their efforts during the season.

Al Jneibi was pleased to meet the members of the General Assembly, representatives of professional clubs' football companies, which played an important role with the UAE Pro League during the last period in achieving the targeted successes.

He also thanked all the sponsors, TV broadcast rights holders, and media representatives for their continuous support for the success of the professional competitions.

The meeting was opened with the approval of the minutes of the previous meeting and the appointment of three members of the General Assembly to review the minutes of this meeting, in addition to displaying the report of the 2023-24 sports season activity.

Before the end of the meeting, the Election Commission managed the electoral process, during which His Excellency Abdulla Naser Al Jneibi was elected the UAE Pro League's chairman, Jamal Hamed Al Marri was elected Vice President, and Hassan Taleb Al Marri, Tariq Ali Al Shabibi, and Mohamed Said Abu Zinjal Al Ali were elected the board members for the 2024-2028 electoral cycle.

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