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UAE Pro League
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UAE PL and EA SPORTS™ Launch the Third eSports Season

The UAE PL with the support of EA SPORTSTM have announced the launch of the third season of the UAE PL eSports Championship, with the official qualifiers starting in April.

Regulations of the PlayStation®5 tournament allow participants aged 16 or more, including UAE citizens and residents to register via the tournament's official website "," and compete for the chance to represent the UAE in EA SPORTSTM FIFA 23 Global Series Middle East Play-Ins.

Valuable prizes have been allocated by the UAE Pro League based on ranking, with the winner walking away with AED 15,000 prize and runner-up receiving AED 10,000 while the third place gets AED 5,000.

The tournament will be held under the eUAEPL brand and will see the establishment of 14 different online qualification stations for each professional club to qualify for the finals, which will be held in person in a place to be determined later.
The first stage runs from April 4th to 19th, with the participation of an unlimited number of players, while the second stage on May 2nd will see the draw, followed by the third stage played on two days; May 13th and May 14th. On the first day, 14 players distributed in two groups will compete; on the Second day, 8 players who qualified from the group stage will compete. The fourth and final stage will also be on May 14th, where the winners who qualified for the grand final will compete.

More than 600 players participated in the tournament's first season, while the number was More than 1000 in the second season , and expected to be increased in the Third season as the competition continues to be broadcast live through the official channels of the competition.

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