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‘UAE Innovates’ is the Motto of ADNOC Pro League's Matchweek 17

The UAE Pro League has announced that Matchweek 17 of the ADNOC Pro League which is set to take place on February 25th and 26th will feature the motto of ‘UAE Innovates’, in line with the activities of the 'Month of Innovation' which is considered the largest national event of its kind to celebrate innovation and innovators across the United Arab Emirates.





The initiative reflects the UAE Pro League's keenness to contribute to a culture of creativity, innovation and digital, scientific and technical excellence in the country, as well as shedding light on the event which continues until the end of February.




The event aims to consolidate a culture of innovation and enhance community participation in creating initiatives that will be used for supporting the goals of the UAE in the next 50 years.




The Matchweek 17 motto ‘UAE Innovates’ will be displayed on the electronic screens surrounding the stadiums, and also on the big screens of stadiums hosting ADNOC Pro League games.




The UAE Pro League has always been eager to launch and participate in such communal initiatives with the belief that football can send meaningful and profound messages to fans of all ages and nationalities.



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