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Tickets on Sale for ADIB Cup Final

The UAE Pro League announced that tickets for the 2022-23 ADIB Cup's final between Al Ain and Sharjah are now available for online purchase via the UAE Pro League's official website and Platinumlist website.

Al Nahyan Stadium is set to host the highly anticipated ADIB Cup final, which is scheduled to take place on Saturday, May 27th at 19:30 pm.

The UAE Pro League was keen to release the tickets early, in order to give the opportunity for fans to book their place in the stands and support their clubs in this special competition, which will also include many recreational activities for fans to make the matchday a carnival bringing all UAE fans together in one of the most important sports events in general, and in the professional football competitions in particular.

The UAE Pro League team continues their preparations for the final match to ensure that the event will befit the status of the prestigious tournament.

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