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UAE Pro League discusses new season calendar with clubs’ CEOs

The UAE Pro League discussed with the clubs’ CEOs the proposed calendar for the UAEPL’s competitions in the 2021-2022 season during its fifth periodic meeting on Thursday, June 17.


The meeting comes within a framework of cooperation and coordination with the UAEPL’s partners in success, as they seek to achieve the targets and goals as per the 2020-2030 strategic plan. 


The meeting saw the attendance of Hassan Taleb Al Marri, UAEPL board member and chairman of the technical committee, and Waleed Al Hosani, UAEPL CEO, along with representatives of all 14 clubs set to be taking part in next season’s competitions. 


With representatives of clubs’ technical departments in attendance, the meeting discussed the proposed calendar for the new season. The calendar, which will see the new season start on August 19 ahead of the 2022 World Cup qualifiers, took the request of the national team coach and national teams committee into account and is a product of a set of coordination meetings with the UAE Football Association.


The clubs requested to send their feedback within 48 hours to the UAE Pro League, who will later discuss it with the UAE Football Association. The UAEPL and clubs agreed that supporting the national team remains a national priority, in alignment with the goals of the Emirati professional football system, which targets a leading spot at continental and international levels for the UAE national team. 


The meeting also discussed the clubs’ suggestions and reviewed the preparations for the General Assembly meeting set to take place on June 27.


In addition, next season’s national licensing report was reviewed, and a detailed explanation of the 2021-2022 licensing cycle was shared with the attendees. 


The meeting also witnessed a review of the Capacity Building Programme aimed at developing the skills of administrative staff in the football sector. It focused on the CEOs and heads of Human Resources modules while previewing the third and fourth modules targeting the Marketing and Social Media heads.


The meeting also recommended the appointment of an external auditor for the current fiscal year, which ends on June 30, 2021, with the final approval scheduled for the next General Assembly meeting.


After a survey showed high levels of satisfaction with the tax agent’s services, the meeting recommended renewing the current tax agent’s contract for a one-year term, starting July 1, 2021, subject to renewal.


Al Marri opened the workshop by welcoming the club representatives and thanking them for their efforts. He said, “we meet after the conclusion of an outstanding season that proved successful thanks to your efforts in an extraordinary period due to the Covid-19 pandemic. The season witnessed strong technical performances and competitive games in all the UAE Pro League competitions, which was reflected on the clubs’ performances in the AFC Champions League.” 


He added, “I congratulate the Emirati football family on the advancement of the national team to the final round of the 2022 World Cup qualification, which is primarily a result of the clubs’ efforts. The hard work was translated into action with the presence of a diverse group of young talent along with a crop of experienced players who all have a bright future ahead.”  


He added, “we meet today to discuss the calendar for the new season, as we seek to double our efforts and continue to cooperate to achieve the aspirations of Emirati football and serve its interests.” He explained that playing on the international stage remains one of their main goals for Emirati football. 


“We confirm that we keep an open line of communication and that the targeted technical goals can’t be achieved without the clubs’ efforts, as you are our key partners in success. We wish success to everyone in the next season,” Al Marri concluded.


In turn, Al Hosani expressed gratitude to the clubs and their efforts in the past period. He added, “the clubs prioritized the public interest, especially during the current period, which saw us successfully wrap up an extraordinary season amid the Covid-19 pandemic, thanks to the leadership’s support and health-related efforts.”


He stressed the significance of the current period as they prepare for the new season while putting the national team’s commitments into consideration. Al Hosani said that the advancement of the UAE national team to the final round of the 2022 World Cup qualification reflects the efforts of the national team and the clubs who fielded fresh faces in the past season. He added that it is a product of the efforts of a professional system that aims to achieve more successes for Emirati football.

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