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UAE Pro League Auctions Players' Shirts in Sharjah-Al Nasr Match in MW 13

The UAE Pro League (UAEPL) decided, on Tuesday, January 24th, to auction many players' shirts, which they wore during the Sharjah and Al Nasr game that took place at Sharjah stadium in matchweek 13 of the ADNOC Pro League on Sunday.

The auction, in collaboration with the UAE Pro League, will be organized by MatchWornShirt, an international online auction company of sports shirts worn in prominent matches to make those memories unforgettable and tangible.

The auction will open to fans wishing to purchase the shirts worn by the Sharjah and Al Nasr players during the game until Wednesday, February 1st at 18:00pm.

This initiative achieved great success in several games of the ADNOC Pro League, UAE Super Cup, and ADIB Cup competitions.

You can partake in the auction via this link:


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