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UAE Pro League Holds Draw for the 2022-23 Season in Suhub Rest House

The UAE Pro League held the 2022-23 season draw for the ADNOC Pro League and ADIB Cup in a beautiful atmosphere on Friday in Al Suhub Rest House in Khorfakkan city, Emirate of Sharjah.




The Draw has been held in the presence of UAE Pro League Vice-Chairman Jamal Al Marri, board members Mohammed Obaid Al Yamahi, Hassan Taleb Al Marri, Tariq Ali Al Shabibi, Saeed Obaid Al Kaabi, His Excellency Abdulla Ateya Al Messabi, CEO of ADNOC Refining, His Excellency Abdulla Al Najjar, Regional Director of the East Coast and Ras Al Khaimah region at Abu Dhabi Islamic Bank (ADIB), and representatives of professional clubs.





The UAE Pro League adopted the Smart Match Scheduling System for the second year in a row during the Draw.





According to the Draw, matchweek 1 will take place on September 2nd and 3rd. During MD1, ADNOC Pro League title holders Al Ain plays against Ajman, Shabab Al Ahli takes on Sharjah, Al Wasl faces Al Wahda, Ittihad Kalba host Al Bateah, Al Dhafra welcomes Al Nasr, Bani Yas plays against Khorfakkan, and Al Jazira meets Dibba Al Fujairah.





Matchweek 2 takes place on September 9th and 10th, where Al Ain plays against Al Dhafra, Sharjah plays against Bani Yas, Al Nasr faces Ajman, Khorfakkan plays against Al Jazira, Dibba Al Fujairah meets Shabab Al Ahli, Al Bataeh faces Al Wasl, and Al Wahda plays against Ittihad Kalba.





Matchweek 3, which will be held on September 15th and 16th, sees Bani Yas welcomes Al Bataeh, Ittihad Kalba plays against Al Dhafra, Shabab Al Ahli face Al Wahda, Khorfakkan plays against Al Nasr, while Al Jazira faces Al Ain, Al Wasl plays against Dibba Al Fujairah, and Ajman hosts Sharjah.





Matchweek 4, taking place on October 1st and 2nd, sees Sharjah welcome Khorfakkan, Dibba Al Fujairah welcome Ajman, Bani Yas clash against Al Jazira, and Al Nasr plays against Al Wasl.





In the same matchweek, Al Ain host Ittihad Kalba, Al Dhafra plays against Shabab Al Ahli, while Al Bataeh faces Al Wahda.




Matchweek 5, which will be held October 7th and 8th, sees Shabab Al Ahli clashes against Ittihad Kalba, Al Wasl welcomes Al Dhafra, Khorfakkan faces Al Bataeh, Dibba Al Fujairah welcomes Al Ain, while Al Jazira faces Sharjah, Al Wahda plays against Al Nasr and Ajman clash against Bani Yas.





Matchweek 6, taking place on October 15th and 16th, sees Bani Yas welcome Al Nasr, Al Dhafra host Al Bataeh, Sharjah play against Al Wasl, Ajman face Khorfakkan, while Shabab Al Ahli plays against Al Jazira, Al Ain take on Al Wahda, and Ittihad Kalba plays against Dibba Al Fujairah.





Matchweek 7, taking place on October 22nd and 23rd, sees Al Nasr host Al Ain, Al Wasl play against Ittihad Kalba, Al Wahda face Al Dhafra, Khorfakkan take on Shabab Al Ahli, while Al Bataeh host Sharjah, Al Jazira welcome Ajman, and Dibba Al Fujairah play against Bani Yas.






Matchweek 8, which will be held on October 28th and 29th, sees Khorfakkan clash against Dibba Al Fujairah, Ajman host Al Bataeh, Shabab Al Ahli face Al Ain, Ittihad Kalba clash against Al Nasr, while Al Jazira plays against Al Wasl, Bani Yas face Al Dhafra, and Sharjah take Al Wahda.





Matchweek 9, taking place on November 5th and 6th, sees Al Ain host Khorfakkan, Al Wasl plays against Ajman, Al Wahda welcome Dibba Al Fujairah, Al Bataeh face Shabab Al Ahli, while Al Nasr takes on Al Jazira, Al Dhafra plays against Sharjah, and Ittihad Kalba host Bani Yas.





Matchweek 10, which will be held on November 11th and 12th, sees Shabab Al Ahli host Al Nasr, Ajman welcome Ittihad Kalba, Al Jazira face Al Wahda, Bani Yas take on Al Wasl, while Sharjah welcomes Al Ain, Khorfakkan host Al Dhafra, and Dibba Al Fujairah face Al Bataeh.





Matchweek 11, taking place on 15th and 16th December, sees Al Ain host Bani Yas, Al Dhafra welcome Ajman, Al Wasl face Shabab Al Ahli, Al Bataeh plays against Al Jazira, while Al Nasr welcome Dibba Al Fujairah, Al Wahda takes on Khorfakkan, and Ittihad Kalba face Sharjah.





Matchweek 12, which will be held on December 20th and 21st, sees Al Nasr welcome Al Bataeh, Al Ain face Al Wasl, Al Wahda plays against Ajman, Al Jazira host Al Dhafra, while Shabab Al Ahli takes on Bani Yas, Khorfakkan meet Ittihad Kalba, and Dibba Al Fujairah welcome Sharjah.





Matchweek 13, taking place on January 22nd and 23rd, sees Ittihad Kalba face Al Jazira, Al Wasl welcome Khorfakkan, Sharjah play against Al Nasr, Bani Yas host Al Wahda, while Al Dhafra faces Dibba Al Fujairah, Ajman host Shabab Al Ahli, and Al Bataeh welcome Al Ain.





Meanwhile, the ADIB draw has been held with Al Wahda clashing against Ittihad Kalba in the first round, while Ajman plays against Al Dhafra, Al Nasr plays against Al Bataeh, Dibba Al Fujairah faces Al Jazira, Bani Yas take on Sharjah, and Khorfakkan plays against Al Wasl.





The winner of Ittihad Kalba-Al Wahda match will face Al Ain in the quarter-final, while the team who manages to secure the victory during the Dibba Al Fujairah-Al Jazira match will face last edition runners-up Shabab Al Ahli in the last-eight.




The first round of the ADIB Cup will be played over a two-legged match, while Al Ain, who claimed the last season's ADNOC Pro League and ADIB Cup titles, and Shabab Al Ahli, the runners-up of the ADIB Cup's last edition, advance automatically into the quarter-final.





The fixtures of the quarterfinals and semi-finals will be played over a two-legged format, while the final will take place over a one-legged match.





The UAE Pro League Vice-Chairman Jamal Al Marri delivered a speech at the beginning of the draw ceremony, saying, "We enjoy unlimited support from our wise leadership in the UAE Pro League. We are keen on staying up to date in every event we present. In addition, we are always happy with our supporting sponsors and success partners."






"What deems this occasion even more important is that it is held in an exceptional place in Al Suhub Rest House in Khorfakkan city, Emirate of Sharjah. Al Suhub Rest House is 600 meters above sea level, symbolizing the wise leadership's vision and ambition of the nation's faithful people."





"In the UAE Pro League, we are keen on applying the highest standards of transparency and accuracy to hold the Draw for the 2022-23 season in the best possible way. For this purpose, the UAE PL utilizes Smart Match Scheduling System to determine the ADNOC Pro League's fixtures. In addition, we further continue the ongoing development to hold the ADIB Cup Draw."





"We always aim to apply the maximum degree of balance required for everyone, according to the specific calendar, and in line with the technical standards for optimally distributing matches throughout the next season". 



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