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UAE Pro League
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UAE pro league fans zone grabs the spotlight at Al Ruwais Park

As part of its roadshow campaign to promote its competitions, UAE Pro League held a five-day event last week at Al Ruwais Park 2 in Abu Dhabi, that witnessed enormous fans' turnout, where the "fans zone" established by the league has been the center of attention and the destination for park visitors of all age groups.


This event is the fourth of its kind, after the pro league had previously been part of similar events at the sports village that hosted the ADNOC Marathon and at "Dubai frame".



These events help serve the strategic plan laid out by the pro league to enrich communication and interaction channels with fans of different ages and nationalities.


Al Ruwais park has been chosen as the venue for the event following intense collaboration between the Pro League and Community Management for Al Dhafra Region Affairs, which resulted into fans relishing great time at the park while participating in numerous amusing activities.


The main targets behind the pro league organizing or participating in such communal events is to widen its fan base, promote its health education plan, and to raise awareness on the importance of practicing sports for the well-being of individuals so as to help build a more active and healthy society.





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