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UAE Pro League
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The UAE Pro League starts implementing capacity building program, aims at enhancing interaction with fans

The UAE Pro League, within the framework of its capacity building program for professional clubs - social media and website editors unit, implemented a set of initiatives aimed at improving social media and enhancing interaction with the fans.




The Pro League assigned specialists in this field to work together with each club by providing consultations, helping the clubs develop their presence on digital platforms, and creating a rapport between the clubs and their fans.




The "Done Volcano" initiative, launched by Ajman under the supervision of Colin Gibson, a world-renowned football media expert, was one of positive outcomes of the capacity building program. It was launched in co-operation with Ajman's media centre.




It saw positive interaction with fans, which began on social media platforms, and extended to Rashid bin Saeed Stadium during Ajman's match against Al Wasl in matchweek 11 of the ADNOC Pro League.




During the previous few weeks, efforts were exerted to outline several innovative and creative ideas, such as reaching out to all sectors of society, sending meaningful messages to fans, motivating them to attend matches and support their team, as well as benefiting from materian and non-material incentives, provided by the club's administration and its supporters, in addition to involving players in the initiative.




The Pro League seeks, through the capacity building program and in co-operation with a group of international experts in the field of football, to develop talents for the UAE professional clubs at various levels, which will significantly contribute to raising the level of Emirati football locally and regionally.



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