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Increasing the number of foreign players and reducing the overall lists .. UAE Pro League announces numbers of players starting 2022-23 Season

The UAE Pro League's Board of Directors approved the number of registered players in the clubs lists, and the mechanism of their participation in the league competitions, starting from the 2022-23 season, and the following seasons.




This came in line with the Asian Football Confederation's decision to increase the number of foreign players, starting from the next season.




The Pro League announced the new mechanism, whereby the number of foreign players allowed to be registered in league competitions will be increased to five players.



The league also added that the categories of resident and UAE-born players will be retitled as the players who are eligible to represent national teams and increasing their number to five.




It noted that a total of eight players from the categories of foreign players and those eligible to represent the national teams would be allowed to feature in the match list, with a maximum of six players from the above categories allowed to be on the field.




As for the registered players in the first-team squad, the number of players from all categories will be decreased to 30 starting from the 2022-23 season.




The number of registered players in the first team squad from all categories will be decreased to 25 players, starting from the 2023-24 season.




The Pro League's decisions are based on the outcomes of the UAE PL Development Forum which was held recently, with the participation of a group of international experts in the sports sector, in addition to representatives of professional clubs and the league's stakeholders.




This came also as a result of the initiatives and discussions held over the last four months to identify the most important challenges facing professional competitions, not only at the technical level but also in all aspects related to the concept of professionalism, with a view to increasing competitiveness among all clubs in various local professional competitions.




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