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UAE Pro League and Emirates Palace sign sponsorship agreement

A one-year agreement worth AED15 million


The UAE Pro League and Emirates Palace Company announced a partnership agreement between the two national institutions, as the hotel joins the UAEPL’s sponsorship roster for one year in a deal worth AED15 million.


The agreement underpins the UAE Pro League’s efforts to develop Emirati football. It aligns with Emirates Palace’s vision which focuses on serving the community and creating a lasting impact, especially through supporting young talents in the UAE Pro League competitions. It also conforms with the role played by Emirates Palace, as it became one of the leading national institutions in the tourism, leisure, and hospitality industries and one of the major landmarks in Abu Dhabi, the UAE, and the world.


The agreement reflects the UAEPL’s efforts to attract sponsors, diversify investment opportunities, and promote its professional competitions as part of its 2020-2030 strategic plan focused on enhancing professionalization in all aspects of the professional competitions and strengthening the league’s position in the continental level. The partnership goes beyond monetary goals as it helps in developing different and important aspects.  


The announcement was made during a ceremony held at Emirates Palace Hotel in Abu Dhabi. It was attended by His Excellency Mohamed Abdulla Al-Junaibi, Emirates Palace Company Chairman, His Excellency Sultan Al Humairi, Emirates Palace Company Managing Director, and His Excellency Abdulla Naser Al-Jneibi, UAE Football Association Senior Vice-President and UAE Pro League Chairman.


His Excellency Abdulla Naser Al-Jneibi expressed his delight with the partnership, as Emirates Palace will be joining the UAE Pro League’s success partners. The UAEPL chairman described the agreement as a step forward, saying Emirates Palace is one of the UAE’s success stories that took hospitality to a whole new level, thanks to its remarkable location, high-quality service, and efforts of national cadres.


Al-Jneibi thanked and credited the nation’s wise leadership for the UAE’s comprehensive development in all fields, which inspired the national institutions to assume leading positions in different industries. The UAEPL aspires that the agreement will provide the required support to the UAE football.

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