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Memorandum of Understanding between UAE Pro League and Emirates Intellectual Property Association

The UAE Pro League held on Monday, November 23rd, a signing ceremony of a Memorandum of Understanding with the Emirates Intellectual Property Association via web video conferencing. The Memorandum of Understanding, which was signed by Emirates Intellectual Property Association Chairman Major General Dr. Abdul Quddus Abdul Razzaq Al Obaidly and UAE Pro League Vice Chairman Jamal Hamed Al Marri, aligns with the Pro League’s strategy, which aims to strengthen partnerships and understanding with various bodies and institutions in a way that serves its future plans.


The Memorandum of Understanding aims to strengthen partnership efforts between the two parties in order to achieve the nation’s vision in areas related to serving citizens, in addition to raising legal awareness, highlighting the importance of protecting intellectual property rights in order to realize cultural awareness for everyone through seminars and workshops.


The Memorandum of Understanding terms align with the Pro League’s goals, which aim to coordinate with a network of partnerships that work towards organizing and developing football programs and events that are committed to consolidating a competitive sports environment. In the same framework, the Memorandum of Understanding serves the Emirates Intellectual Property Association efforts to raise the awareness of the UAE community in the fields of intellectual property through consultations and awareness campaigns.


In support of the Pro League and the clubs, joint teams will be formed and tasked with developing the league's brand, associating it with the nation’s brand, studying the clubs’ evaluation and offering recommendations to raise its value.


The two parties developed an effective framework for partnership relations in a way that serves their interests, aids the exchange of experiences while facilitating access to clubs and players in order to implement the goals of the Memorandum of Understanding. It also requires the implementation and development of a system that facilitates communication between the two parties and the rest of the sports community and civil society.


For his part, Al Obaidly expressed delight at signing the Memorandum of Understanding with the Pro League, which is appreciated in all circles for its professionalism and excellent work methodology, stressing that the goal is to jointly find a professional mechanism to raise awareness of citizens and residents on issues related to intellectual property rights, in addition to spreading cultural awareness about intellectual property rights on the largest scale through cultural projects and activities.


Al Obaidli added, "we seek to enhance the participation of citizens in the private sector, and our goal is also to find new ways of cooperation and coordination that allow us to launch an enforcement of intellectual property rights initiative, and I believe that any other task will be agreed upon between the two parties in a manner that guarantees the achievement of the objectives of this Memorandum of Understanding."



In turn, Al Marri praised the partnership with the Emirates Intellectual Property Association, explaining that the goal is to work together in order to accomplish tasks and ease joint work procedures, in addition to exchanging knowledge, experiences and practical experiences at all levels in line with the Pro League’s social role in general and the sports sector in particular.


Al Marri confirmed that seminars, meetings, workshops and joint training courses will be held in the next phase in a way that serves the purposes of the Memorandum of Understanding. In addition, periodic meetings will be held to review the implementation of the approved programs as well as participate in drafting laws related to both parties’ work.


The UAE Pro League Vice Chairman explained that the mechanism for implementing the agreement entails the formation of joint teams that will achieve the goals and set the agreed commitments in motion, especially with the support of the Pro League and clubs in order to develop the league's brand, associate it with the nation’s brand, study the clubs’ evaluation and offer recommendations to raise its value.

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