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UAE Pro League
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UAE Pro League probes ways to boost fans’ numbers at the stands in a meeting with clubs' marketing managers

UAE Pro League has held this season's first meeting with clubs' marketing managers via video conferencing on Monday September 27.


The meeting was attended by UAE Pro League Chief Executive Director, Walid Al Hosani, CEOs of professional clubs and members of the Pro League committee.



Al Hosani started the meeting with a welcome speech in which he thanked the wise leadership for their constant and generous support of all Pro League's activities, which in turn, has given athletes and sports a spacious room for improvement.



Pro League's CEO also thanked the clubs for their cooperation and commitment that contribute to the success of the various competitions organized by the football governing body in UAE.



“Our local competitions are considered a national project that we all have to work for its success. And for this to happen, we need to have a positive outlook while aiming to expand the fan base of these competitions” Al Hosani told the attendees.



He stressed the importance of facilitating all the needs of the fans so as to enhance the numbers of spectators at the stands.



Al Hosani noted that the association has started a comprehensive evaluation process, where venues will be subject to field surveys and benchmarks, for fans to have a better experience, through the implementation of a project aiming at the provision of all fans-related services and privileges, to qualify these facilities for hosting international competitions.


Malik Dogan; Director of Marketing and Commercial Affairs of UAE Pro league, gave detailed updates on the league's commercial-related issues.



He demonstrated the marketing strategy, that's reliant on attracting fans from all segments of the society through the provision of incentives and the element of entertainment.


This, he noted, can be done by following a strategic plan that involves collaboration with professional clubs' specialized teams.


The third item of the meeting's agenda was clubs' development projects, as Stuart Larman, Director of the Club Development and Licensing Department of the Pro League, reviewed the latest updates related to this matter.


The program targets holders of several positions, including executive officers, human resources managers, marketing managers, media and communication managers.



Larman pointed out that the aim of these programs is to upgrade the work system by developing the administrative staff of the clubs, through specialized courses, in line with the best global practices.



Moatasem Mukhaimer, UAE Pro League's Director of the Financial Department , tackled the audited financial statements of the league, while discussing with clubs' CEOs funds, revenues and expenses, as well as all financial affairs of the pro league.



Furthermore, Taha Ezzat, Director of Competitions and Sports Operations at UAE Pro League, discussed the operational aspect related to attracting more fans to the stadiums.



He highlighted a mechanism for improving services, facilitating the entry and exit of spectators while providing all the basic requirement and entertainment platforms.



He added that there has to be proper co-ordination between the Pro League and the clubs regarding initiatives aiming at attracting fans to the venues.



Meeting attendees, in response, have welcomed all the proposed solutions, and that was embodied in their interaction with the meeting's items, as they proposed their suggestions that target enhancing cooperation between the Pro League and the clubs, which will in turn result in overcoming all obstacles and difficulties to provide a satisfactory product at the technical and marketing levels.



At the end of the meeting, Al Hosani submitted his recommendations that included forming a joint team work to evaluate challenges, develop solutions and suggestions, to attract fans to the stadiums and enhance the match day experience.

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